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Bev is the receptionist at a reputable building supplies firm. She loves her customers and they love her, but she won’t put up with any nonsense. ‘Manners don't cost a penny’ as she says.


Bev lost her husband Barry to a heart attack 10 years ago. They had a solid 25 year marriage that produced two wonderful children; Daniel and Sophie, who are all grown up with families of their own now. She’s been on a few dates, but has no desire to remarry. She says ‘no one is as good as my Barry’.


Bev has been smoking since she was 14, and has thought about giving up a few times, mainly because it’s getting too expensive, but she maintains she is as fit-as-a-fiddle and likes to live by the mantra ‘you only live once’. And don’t you dare make her give up her red wine, you’ll have to pry that out of her cold dead hands.

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