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To mark the one year anniversary of the FDA granting emergency use authorisation of their COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer wanted to send out a special gift to the approximately 60,000 vaccine participants across the COVID-19 vaccine studies.


Our approach was to use the packaging and presentation of a commemorative pin to tell a broader story and give special meaning to this gift. Using packaging this way gave us the ability to keep the pin design simple while still giving context to what the recipient has been a part of and how they are connected to the larger, global picture.

Client: Pfizer-BioNTech

Service: Art Direction & Design



The commemorative pin is the largest brightest star in the sky, representing the brave volunteers.

The book format reflects the idea that these patients helped to rewrite history, and as a historical document, this could be treasured for years to come. The pages inside the book fold out to reveal a constellation of stars representing each participating country.

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