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Haemophilia B is a rare inherited bleeding disorder that causes uncontrollable bleeding in an affected child, which can be distressing for kids and parents alike.


Pfizer were conducting a 6 year long clinical study, dubbed BeneGene-3, to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a gene therapy drug that could potentially allow a child with haemophilia B to lead a near normal lifestyle.


Bearing in mind the lengthy timeframe of this study, we worked with animation studio Bewilder to create a character duo that could grow with kids and reflect where they are emotionally and developmentally throughout the study. Together our characters would explore an ever-expanding world, working through scenarios kids with haemophilia B might face.

Alas, Benny and Gene never made it past the ideas round. RIP little buddies.

Client: Pfizer

Service: Art Direction

3D: Bewilder

Benny is cautious and inquisitive, Gene is their relentlessly optimistic counterpart. Rather than having these characters aimed exclusively at children, we wanted to follow in the tradition of adult animation and make them equally appealing to adults using humour that would fly over a kid's head.

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